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Yaniv Game is a highly addictive, fast moving card game played online with multiple players from all over the world.

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Game Start  -  At least two player must enter a room and once all click 'Ready' the game begins.
Game Objective  -  Accumulating the lowest amount of points
Card Values  -  Each card is worth a certain amount of points defined by the following table:
King, Queen, Jack10
1 - 10the card's number
Game Play  -  On your turn you must throw one or more cards and take exactly one card
What can be thrown?Examples
Single card K      10
Series 555      QQ      2222
Straight 789      QK12      4 JOKER 6
What can be taken?
If a single card was thrown you can take it you can always take a card from the deck
If a series was thrown you can take any card
If a straight was thrown you can only take from the ends
Winning the round  -  When the sum of the cards in your hand is 7 or lower a button will appear allowing you to call YANIV.
The meaning of this call is that you believe you have the lowest hand of all players.
If someone else has the same or lower sum, the caller receives a fine and is reffered to as ASAF
Scoring  -  At the end of every round players receive points accoring to the following table:
The winner0
ASAFSum of the hand + 30 point fine
OthersSum of the hand
Winning the game  -  When a player reaches more than 200 points they lose.
The winner is the player with the lowest score.
Special rule: If a player reaches exactly 200 points, they are automatically reduced back to 150.

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Yaniv Game